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Recently, "but want to use bamboo fireproofing material properties of this" as you've been called a lot of contact.
We, for the fireproofing of bamboo 2009 through trial and error we're working from the beginning, In our processing of bamboo products including bamboo and round, and cut it out of the country unfortunately has reached noncombustible not. Today, the end of the selection of high-quality fireproof agent is a situation that proceed to trial, including the shape of the internal processing.
2009, we successfully use the black bamboo to the entrance of the restaurant in Hokuriku. In the opinion of the fire is "non-combustible products," said the leader was so certified Orimase been chosen as the Ministry of Land mentioned earlier, our treatments are non-combustible, combustion experiments and processing of raw drug material Thank you for submitting documents to be made, in consultation with the fire department and design company, we successfully utilize the original design.
Actual enforcement of photos (above) with a status report and let bon appétit.
The upper floors to the walls of shops 和食 some hotels near Osaka Umeda We are now half a percent using bamboo materials in the bleaching process.
For commercial fireproofing materials bamboo, the form by email or phone (0748-45-0231), please contact us at.

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