Our efforts in the prevention of cracking of the bamboo

Prior to our founding of the urethane foam-filling process,cracking inevitably occurred in the construction field.To prevent this,we went through many phase of trial and  error trying many different ideas after idea.With much experience,now,in the strengthening of bamboo,we stand confident in our unique product.With pride,we look forward to serving you in the future.

Our efforts in the prevention of cracking of the bamboo
Urethane foam resin filling process  

First,everything except the bottom section of the bamboo is disconnected and hollowed out..After being emptied,each shoot is filled with resin and polyurethane,which expands and hardens to give added immense strength to support much weight.

Split processing  

After the urethane has expanded and hardened,a fine,straight cut is made vertically to relieve the tension that the urethane will eventually endure in the construction process.

Bamboo spikes fixed  

With added support filling all the space inside,nails can easily penetrate the bamboo face without any worry of cracking or splitting.

Increase the intensity  

This urethane resin was chosen because of the increased use of nails and screws in the industrial field,in which the building material itself must be strengthened to keep up with recent uses.

Touch up  

For the visual touch up,the vertical split walls are filled in with the same color as the bamboo for the final presentation.

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