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Product Name: Banbumodankaunta (Natural) special order

Kappo restaurant in that, to counter the owners have a commitment in Ora.
Was one plate have a solid image in white, wood section is unlikely that,
Laminated bamboo is the proposal that we've had. Laminated bamboo using a natural color, length 60mm thick 5200 × D 550 × Thank Let me finish. Top panel thickness is 6mm in thickness and made good things when I'll also cut with a scratch, we can repair specifications. At the same time, natural-colored bamboo flooring and a small rise (1820 × 121 × 15mm) Thank you adopt. Things are united together in the atmosphere by the same material and the counter, we successfully and have a sense of satisfaction and a clean image quality.
May not be processed because the type size of the bamboo, please contact us each time is tedious.
Color of the product, the actual color is slightly different. Please note that your advance.