Product Name: A-050-22 percent bleached bamboo Masaki (Thunder finish on one side)

The shop has expanded the chain, we successfully employ our bleached bamboo Masaki percent primarily as a wall decoration. Round cut off the ends of the bamboo, the designs show only the center to uncover the unique atmosphere of the shape of the section of bamboo. Surface finish is particularly worried by the Company. After carefully sanding the surface, in the section 仕上Gemashita everything manually. Another point, things are antifungal treatment should always be handled. Bamboo is part of the body in a particularly vulnerable to mold and moisture, and mildew is a concern that the growth of untreated material. By processing the fungicides are used in food processing plants, we need to offer products we feel secure.
May not be processed because the type size of the bamboo, please contact us each time is tedious.
Color of the product, the actual color is slightly different. Please note that your advance.