Shop & Dwelling
Placed randomly SOMESUSU bamboo

Product Name: F-067-01 Hen random bamboo Somesusu (embedded Waronpureto)

Portion of the walls of stores, cosmetic frame "Aya Akira" series (double frame type) Thank you adopt.
Round bamboo finish 6mm wide soot staining, while Waronpureto randomly inserting a bamboo frame in a double frame (2mm) and was a tremendous match. Devoted to the illumination light from behind 面壁 residential space, we need also to enjoy its shade to escape the shop. The double border is a wall-mounted frame, the frame has been fixed in the magnet, we can design the thing is easily removed at any time.
May not be processed because the type size of the bamboo, please contact us each time is tedious.
Color of the product, the actual color is slightly different. Please note that your advance.