Product Name: A-018-13 black bamboo (urethane foam resin filling process)

Born as a sister restaurant of authentic Japanese meal shops in the Hokuriku area, dining Japanizu "Iori Ryu" in the black bamboo (about 30mm diameter) Thank adopted round bamboo partitions.
Design company and person during the meeting, listening to the things that round bamboo black bamboo chosen to consider "whether, I'd like to use the materials processed polyurethane resin foam-filled," and suggestions from you to allow me to our Mashita. In the Hokuriku region and the air temperature, etc., I fear the thing split bamboo vertical circle, if the surface is black in white black bamboo that generated during the design and the loss of vertical cracks, the cracks due to drying I suggest you worry about the state cutting closer than ever to open anything. Originally, urethane-filled bamboo processing, the percent of tall + is said to prevent cracking in the final finishing bamboo nails fixed, we have delivered this without dorsal percent. Round on the nature of natural bamboo, preventing the full thing is not longitudinally cut open in case of vertical cracks is where you explain what we can not reduce the adhesion of the resin of the internal Thank you also understand the budget up, and eventually more than 100 books Thank using black bamboo.
However, this design is the design of the city of Fukui, N & Co Solo.


May not be processed because the type size of the bamboo, please contact us each time is tedious.
Color of the product, the actual color is slightly different. Please note that your advance.
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