Round bamboo is processed so that the thickness of a horizontal chop objectives.
The turning point in the linear combination of horizontal lines with vertical bamboo native to uncover the unique atmosphere of the beauty of its natural rhythmic line.

After finishing sander
Before finishing sander
MASAWARI (Finishing Sander both)
Item turn Standard Price / Piece (yen)
Length×Width (mm)
A-050-01 L1950×W24∼30 3,650
A-050-02 L1950×W31∼37 4,200
A-050-03 L1950×W38∼44 5,000
A-050-04 L1950×W45∼51 5,850
A-050-05 L1950×W52∼60 8,000
A-050-06 L1950×W61∼69 9,650
A-050-07 L1950×W70∼78 10,850
A-050-11 L2950×W24∼30 4,650
A-050-12 L2950×W31∼37 6,800
A-050-13 L2950×W38∼44 8,000
A-050-14 L2950×W45∼51 9,400
A-050-15 L2950×W52∼60 13,400
A-050-16 L2950×W61∼69 16,250
A-050-17 L2950×W70∼78 18,500
  MASAWARI (Finishing Sander side)
Item turn Standard Price / Piece (yen)
Length×Width (mm)
A-050-21 L1950×W24∼30 3,400
A-050-22 L1950×W31∼37 3,900
A-050-23 L1950×W38∼44 4,550
A-050-24 L1950×W45∼51 5,350
A-050-25 L1950×W52∼60 7,400
A-050-26 L1950×W61∼69 9,000
A-050-27 L1950×W70∼78 10,150
A-050-31 L2950×W24∼30 4,250
A-050-32 L2950×W31∼37 6,350
A-050-33 L2950×W38∼44 7,500
A-050-34 L2950×W45∼51 8,800
A-050-35 L2950×W52∼60 12,750
A-050-36 L2950×W61∼69 15,550
A-050-37 L2950×W70∼78 17,650
May not be processed because the type size of the bamboo, please contact us each time is tedious.
Color of the product, the actual color is slightly different. Please note that your advance.