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Company Profile

TAKEROKU, since its establishment, has been operating mainly in the manufacture and sale of bamboo in building interior materials.4 to 5 years in particular the appeal of bamboo can be harvested in a very short time, more people will tell you that I think our mission is important in considering the future of the global environment.In response to your sincere attitude of trust is always in good faith, to appear in a rich stock of products and obsession, and its accumulated experience to be the foundation of our unwavering and solid performance. Today, in the field of architecture is Japanese style tearoom and stores various inns and hotels catering to business and public housing, public facilities and to demand to expand. Lead a new possibility for more of bamboo, ranging from total-coordination of interior furniture using a variety of laminated wood products, promote products utilizing the properties of bamboo, we will work to expand its business territory.Respond appropriately to diverse needs in the future, our efforts as a company over the life of the overall proposal.

About us

  Head office 3488,Fukudo cho,Higashiohmi city,shiga,521-1242,JAPAN
TEL.+81-748-45-0231 FAX.+81-748-45-1014
  Factory 3487,Fukudo cho,Higashiohmi city,shiga,521-1242,JAPAN
  Warehouse 3487,Fukudo cho,Higashiohmi city,shiga,521-1242,JAPAN
  Warehouse 3169,Fukudo cho,Higashiohmi city,shiga,521-1242,JAPAN
  Delivery office 319,Fukudo cho,Higashiohmi city,shiga,521-1242,JAPAN
  Warehouse 3487,Fukudo cho,Higashiohmi city,shiga,521-1242,JAPAN
  Warehouse 320,Fukudo cho,Higashiohmi city,shiga,521-1242,JAPAN
  President Toshiaki Tainaka
  Establishment 1920.10
  Company establishment 1966.10
  Capital 10 million yen

Traditional japanese style construction materials
New japanese style construction materials,Japanese tearoom material,Garden materials manufacturing wholesale,Sales of project of interior original gift

  Dealings bank Shiga Bank , Koto-Credit union , Kyoto Bank


“Natural Bamboo” start selling mainly
  1940.3 The name changed to TAKEROKU.
  1966.10 Established TAKEROKU-SHOTEN Co.,Ltd.
Release of mainly “Special Bamboo”.
  1967.10 Start production and sales of interior materials and other natural materials.
  1984.3 Established insect vacuum chamber.
  1989.3 Start producing and selling the material “Japanese-Style Tearoom”.
  1989.10 Capital increased to 10 million yen.
  1991.10 General Catalogue“Verde”Publication.
  1995.1 TOSHIAKI TAINAKA appointed president.
  1999.9 Launched to support the Western-style “Bamboo-Modern Series”.
  2005.9 General Catalogue“Verde Vol.4”Re-publication.

Sales network

  TAKEROKU natural material products, including tea rooms and buildings Sukiya are more commonly used as building materials in public housing shrines and temples. Recently, we have provided through the national distributor of building materials used as well as commercial space. ???

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Product development process

Split processing

Percent bamboo processing to meet the needs of the construction location

Coating Bamboo

Strong auto paint scratches on plastic, outstanding durability


Living space, colored walls of commercial space in the new sense


Verde Vol.5
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Approach on environment

Superior Eco-material Japanese Bamboo Project 21