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Technology of TAKEROKU -Buildup Bamboo-

Urethane resin filling process and split process  

Enhanced system 1

Is no longer part of the resin filling the cavity with urethane foam, which is more strength to the strong adhesive on the inner wall.

"MARUTAKE" without all the other sections of the bottom, filled with special resin and urethane foam inside. This eliminates the air pocket, so that the adhesive resin cement lining of polyurethane foam and bamboo, which is more strength. Specifically, the heat generated by the reaction mixture in the ratio of provisions to the stock solution, vaporization and vapor pressure can cause the blowing agent that is included in the stock solution, changes in foam-like mixture and rallies. 10 seconds later, the solid form. It is safe because it is harmless.

Only split, split and test the strength of resin filling

Enhanced system 2

We will conduct a pre-processing to prevent cracking back split bamboo.This part of the open back split is significantly reduced.

The strength of bamboo and bamboo effect in the prevention of crack-filling only foaming urethane resin is greatly increased, and then conducted a pre-processing D to prevent the crack back to bamboo. Compared to the open back split parts back split bamboo filling resin is not significantly reduced. The bright, touch-up in the same color and a low percent of the back.

Processed bamboo spikes and split processing  

Enhanced system 3

Fixed at regular intervals with bamboo nails. Method of strengthening security in residential and commercial space in high airtight high insulation.

In addition to the processing and back-filled resin D, and fixed at regular intervals with bamboo nails. Urethane foam resin is felt by nails or screws, with construction to rise, up significantly the strength of bamboo. Now you can use with confidence in the commercial space and a large air-conditioned interior and high thermal insulation housing of high airtight triple the processing of such reinforcement. After construction, the location can not be recommended for the replacement of bamboo.

Testing flame-retardant urethane foam resin  

Urethane foam resin is also excellent fire effects.

More than 10 seconds, the fire will not burn a portion of urethane foam.Increases the effect of bamboo fire by urethane foam-filled resin.

Flameproof test already.

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